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Getting into the Vortex

I am still amazed by how this book finally landed in my hands. This story is truly magical.

Years ago I went to visit a friend that lived on the golf coast in Mexico. Whenever I went to his beach house to spend the weekend, I was intrigued by his intricate book and film collection. On this occasion this book "Getting into the Vortex" caught my eye and as I began reading the first few pages I realized that this book was something special. My friend said, while you are here this weekend, you are free to read it, but I try to keep a home library so I can't lend it out to you. So I tried to read as much as I could that weekend, in between cooking, swimming and laughing all day at my friend's jokes.

After that weekend, I searched everywhere for that book in every bookstore I came across in Mexico. They had other books by Abraham Hick but not "Getting into the Vortex". I was so frustrated, I finally gave up.

Fast forward over a year later, I was in New York for a short photography & interior design project. After a week working with her we were sitting in her living room and she told her 8 year old son "Why don't you grab the gift for Guylene". So her son went into the other room and came back with the book "Getting into the Vortex". I was SHOCKED! I started to cry and exclaimed " Oh my god, how did you know? I have been searching for this book?!" I proceeded to explain the backstory, all the while in awe of how magical this book is and the teachings and all the serendipity that lead me to receive this book, as a gift, at the right time and in the right place.


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