The Heart of Colors Retreats

First I would like to express my gratitude to all those that have made this possible. Marilin Barona, Chef Guican, Mondana Banquet, Manuel and Vianey Perez, Suyin & Tony, Meredith Durr, Blanca Santiz, Jorge Alverez, and Adam Roszkowski.  

This has been an incredible journey from Italy, Portugal, Mexico, and now Aruba.

Thank you to all of you that have been a part of this and continue to be present in this journey. 

My vision for Colors Retreats started with the desire to bring people together through creativity, spirituality, and adventure. 

Having a diverse background in the Arts, Music, Dance, and Tourism, which developed in full form whilst living abroad in 10 countries and working in over 20. Learning to speak different languages in various sectors provided the discipline that laid the foundation for Colors Retreats. At the same time, it opened my heart to a new meaning of community and celebration of life. 

Take my hand and join me on this journey, igniting your creativity and well-being through conscious evolution.

Colors Retreats

Guylene Solon


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.







COLORS RETREATS is about celebrating the array of colors in our lives.

The colors of nature, flowers, birds, and landscapes.

The variation of different cultures, foods, and the arts.

the true mixture of colors, is everyone, is everything.


Let us retreat in the abundance of our diverse colors.


Created to evolve us to our fullest potential, in the many aspects

of our lives.


Focused on Creativity, adventure, and wellness mused with being 

immersed in deep relaxation and pleasure.


 In that moment of rest, in that moment of wonder, that's when

spiritual evolution happens, that's when intellectual evolution happens,

in that pause,

not doing,

but just taking it all in and experiencing life for what it is. 


Created to help you remember different aspects of your body,

 as you are in movement. Dancing, swimming, exercising, exploring,

living up to true humanity.


Then the ideas that you will take home with you, will not just be of

an evolutionized mind, but also of an optimistic spirit. 


See you in our Colors Retreats.